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The Secret Behind Machine Shop Classes... This is where you go for shop-time. Most of the programs will make you take one or two classes before you start working on your own projects.  BUT... IF YOU ARE REASONABLE AND PREPARED, most of them will let you start bringing in your own designs once you've proven yourself competent to complete the required projects.

With one-or-two classes under your belt you can start working-and-learning on your own projects.  Generally speaking, you will have access to professional equipment, expensive design CAD/CAM programs, and trained expertise.  This has got to beat the hell out of buying an old mill/lathe that takes up space in your garage!

Venice Community Adult School Machine Shop
Venice Community Adult School
A self-motivated hobby-shop class available to all levels and interests from the Artist to the Engineer.
The only ongoing community oriented class on the Westside Los Angeles where students work exclusively on their own projects and at their own pace.  Instructor assistance and some structured lessons are available.  More advanced students help the beginners.  
El Camino North Torrance Machinist Training El Camino - Southbay
A high-quality structured program Combining Engineering/Design, Automation, and Machinist training. Morning & Evening classes.
This is a great place to go when you want to get high-level training and access to the most advanced equipment... be it for a future career, product development, or as a high-level hobbyist.

North Valley Occupational Center Machinist Training North Valley Occupational Center at 405/118 FWYs Intense job training for immediate application to CNC / MasterCam production shops.
An intense job-focused program meeting Monday - Thursday mornings.  Designed to rapidly develop proficiency as a Setup Machinist and a CNC/MasterCam operator. 

Two Schools that deserve some thought are:
1. Cerritos College - Machine Shop and Plastics.  Learn about injection molding, make a surfboard, fix your boat.  In years past they offered a class in Mold Making and ISO Certification.
2. Simi Valley Adult School - A Machine Shop program that runs from 9:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night, Monday through Friday.  It is a self-paced program with flexible hours.  Mid-Term Registration is Accepted.  Ask for Instructor Oygar Lindskog.

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